Black Moon Rising

Title: Black Moon Rising
Author: Gary S. DeMoss
Genre: Historical Epic Western/ Murder Mystery
Type/Draft Pages: 133
Time/Place: 1890
Location: Oklahoma

US Copyright #PAU2-836-614 ​


Hair Brain

Title: Hair Brain
Author: Gary S. Demoss
Genre: Comedy
Type/Draft Pages: 118
Time/Place: Modern Day 
Location: Baltimore, MD
US Copyright #PAU2-671-400
WGAE Registration #R12694-00​

Hair Brain is an action-packed comedy about two chemical engineers and best friends who stumble upon the formula for growing hair. Miraculously the formula grows a full head of hair over night. Overwhelmed by their new-found fortune and fame BRUCE LEVY and DEXTER POTTS immediately become the target of a rival competitor’s extortion and bribes, they battle government intervention and despite these obstacles eventually become world-wide celebrities. The bittersweet lesson … true-love doesn’t come in a bottle!

Black Moon Rising tells the untold murder mystery of the FBI's first major murder case of the Wild West and the bittersweet true story of the Osage Indian Tribe. Interwoven with a brazen murder plot to swindle the tribes oil fortunes; the Osage rise from a desolate prairie to become the richest people in the world. The Untouchables with the epic scale of Dances with Wolves.

The first varsity football team for an Appalachian town brings tough choices. Young men must decide between football, the mine or the family farm.  River runs through an October Sky. 

Three Generations, Grandfather, Dad and his Son venture to the North Pole and transform into an animated fairytale. Along the way they discover the secrets of Santa’s Village and the true meaning of Christmas.

The True Story of Santa Claus is a screenplay based on the Childrens Storybook also written by Gary DeMoss and Illustrated by Tom Arvis

The True Story of Santa Claus

Title: The True Story of Santa Claus
Author: Gary DeMoss
Genre: Children Fantasy Seasonal
Type/Draft Pages: 117
Time: Current
Place: Western Maryland

US Copyright #PAU2-906-920
WGAE Registration # I16420-00​

The Fifth Quarter

Title: The Fifth Quarter
Author: Gary DeMoss
Genre: Historical, Based on true story
Type/Draft PAGES: 129
Time/Place: 1950
Location: Oakland, Maryland

US Copyright #PAU3-570-826
WGAW Registration #1530389​

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